Cutting, stripping and twisting Machine, Special for two core flat cable TR-380T

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Model TR-380T
Dimensions 680 x 570 x 280mm
Weight 48kg
Display mode English /Chinese interface LCD display
Power supply AC220V /50Hz
Stripping length 0.1-50mm
Stripping the inner core length 0.1-15mm
twist length 0.1-50mm
Cutting length 0.1-99999mm
Cutting tolerance Within 0.002 x Lmm L=cutting length
Tool materials import quick cutting steel
Type of drive four wheel drive
Purpose automatic cutting stripping outer skin and twisting the inner skin
Applicable wire Double core sheathed wire, electronic wire,data wire etc
  • 1. High definition CCD alignment position.
  • 2. High precision soldering temperature adjustment.
  • 3. Microcomputer control system used to keep the equipment stability.