Cutting, stripping, spliting for ribbon cable Special for flat ribbon cable, cutting, splitting, stripping

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Model TR-330A
Dimensions 710 x 430 x 400mm
Weight 45k
Display mode English /Chinese interface LCD display
Power supply AC220V 50/60HZ
Stripping length 0.1-99mm
Branching mode Pneumatic pressing. optional pneumatic splinter
Cutting Length 0.1mm-99999mm
Cutting tolerance Within 0.002 x Lmm L=cutting length
Line length Pneumatic pressing: 60mm (total two ends) Pneumatic splinter: unlimited
Applicable cutting core 2-14pin flat cable (depends on actual cable)
Air supply 3-8kg
  • 1. High definition CCD alignment position.
  • 2. High precision soldering temperature adjustment.
  • 3. Microcomputer control system used to keep the equipment stability.