Cutting And Stripping Machines

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TR series are automatic cut and strip machines that enables the processing of many different wires in a quick, precise and safe way by using a keyboard. The range starts with the TR-380T for multi-conductor cable stripping, the TR-320T for cutting and stripping wire to the TR50 for stripping large cables which can process unipolar cables from 0.2 mm² (AWG 37) up to 70mm² (AWG 1), multipolar cables up to 17 mm of diameter (AWG 4/0) and flat cables. Through TR machines you can make total, partial or middle stripping on electric cables, saving until 99 codes. We provide with the machines some interchangeable thread guides that allow the precise sliding of the cable. There is also the possibility to change the stripping blades that easily and precisely allow to switch from round to flat cables. TR machines are equipped with all the safety requirements and they are compliant with CE regulations.

Soldering Stations

Trivoid Electronincs Pvt Ltd, Provide 2 in 1 Soldering stations, Desoldering Stations and Singlesoldering Stations of BAKON product

A soldering station has a temperature control and consists of an electrical power supply, control circuitry with provision for user adjustment of temperature and display, and a soldering iron or soldering head with a tip temperature sensor.

A soldering station is a soldering tool with a separate station to control temperature and a soldering iron. A soldering station can be either analog or digital.

A soldering station is an electronic tool for hand soldering of electronic components onto a PCB. It consists of a station or a unit to control temperature and a soldering iron that can be attached to the station unit. Most soldering stations have temperature control and are mostly used in electronics PCB assembly and manufacturing units. They are also used for mass repairing of circuit boards. Most genuine service centers also use these temperature controlled soldering stations for repair and rework jobs.

Soldering Machines

Trivoid Electronincs Pvt Ltd, Provide all type of Soldering Machines like (double side soldering machine, USB Stripping and Soldering Machine , HDMI Cable Soldering Machine ,Ultrasonic Welding Machine etc.)

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Electric Screw Driver

Trivoid Electronics is one of the largest Suppliers of Top-Quality DC Brushless ElectricScrewdriver. Suppliers of Best Electric Screwdriver for quality of work, high Accuracy & Easy Usability. 24 X 7 Support. Free Shipping in India. Easy and Fast Delivery.

An electric screwdriver is a portable electric device that allows you to screw and unscrew effortlessly. The head of the screwdriver is equipped with a bit holder which can be magnetic or have a quick release system. The bit holder allows you to quickly insert the bit that corresponds to the screw head.